You may or may not know me... I'm Eryin Wandel, freelance graphic designer,  and the creative behind most of the designs of Fakelife Clothing. I joined the Fakelife family about a year ago. I started out modeling some shirts for the company and my friend, Hondro Rodriguez, another killer designer who had been part of the Fakelife family until his move to Brooklyn. Larry and I hit it off instantly. We found out that we came from the same hometown, high school, music scene, and we shared similar views on various topics. I offered my own design and illustration services for the greater good of the Fakelife mission. A year later... here we are. We continued to build on...

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The most brief founding story

Larry Martin founded Fakelife Clothing, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 2008. Inspired by an ear for music, an eye for creativity and a heart for hope, our story began growing up in the hardcore/punk music scene, being in bands, starting a record label, booking shows and printing merch. The seeds that were firmly planted in this scene grew deep roots, that have been the catalyst for starting FakeLife. "As an adult, wanting to create a sustainable source of revenue to support various charities, I decided to merge my passion for the impoverished with my experience and love of creativity to establish this company." - LARRY MARTIN We believe that deep down, people desire to be a part of something bigger...

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There is a beauty in life that can only be grown out of struggle.

Of all of the tees we have created over the years, this may be the one that most closely embodies the FL message.  Beauty in the Struggle. The terrifyingly beautiful task of living an authentic life and what does that look like.  Maybe it means laying our addictions, fears  and struggles out in the open in order to say to someone else, “ME TOO.”  For some, it looks like a life that has been shattered but pieced back into a new way that is more beautiful than before.  A dream destroyed, but replaced by a new dream.  There is a beauty in life that can only be grown out of struggle.  It can not be found in an easy, pain-free...

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