There is a beauty in life that can only be grown out of struggle.

Of all of the tees we have created over the years, this may be the one that most closely embodies the FL message.  Beauty in the Struggle. The terrifyingly beautiful task of living an authentic life and what does that look like.  Maybe it means laying our addictions, fears  and struggles out in the open in order to say to someone else, “ME TOO.”  For some, it looks like a life that has been shattered but pieced back into a new way that is more beautiful than before.  A dream destroyed, but replaced by a new dream.  There is a beauty in life that can only be grown out of struggle.  It can not be found in an easy, pain-free...

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Spend Less Time Licking Wounds

Spend Less Time Licking Wounds   Sometimes we need to tell ourselves. Sometimes we need other people to tell us. HOWEVER we need to hear it, the message is to pick yourself up and keep going. For me, life isn't about success or the lack of failure. It's about PERSISTENCE. The last seven years of running Fakelife have not always been smooth sailing. There have been ups and downs. I've watched other clothing companies come and go in that time. I've witnessed other clothing brands get huge while friends are giving me money to keep FakeLife running when common sense says it should have been shut down. I've lost thousands of dollars and I've been able to donate thousands of dollars. All while...

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